Whether the bully or the victim,
find resources to help change the attitudes of yourself and others


    Georges St-Pierre
    UFC Legend

    “I like Compel because it has a different approach to counter bullying… Compel works with the bully…. I don’t believe there are bad people who are born ‘bad’.  I believe a bully can change.  If we can find the cause and intervene, that’s the best approach.  My name is Georges St-Pierre and I stand with Compel!”

    Bas Rutten
    UFC Heavyweight Champion

    World-famous fighter, movie star, trainer, commentator and just a great human being – the one and only Bas Rutten – spoke with Compel America about bullying, online and verbal abuse, respect, and camaraderie.

    Mickey Gall
    UFC Fighter

    “I like how Compel flips it – instead of only delivering the message on dealing with bullies, it sends the message to the bully, trying to get through to the bully – working to “nip it in the bud”, stop bullying at the source…. it’s the bully’s personal struggle to feel powerful…. Compel talks to the bully, making them feel more aware of their actions and making them want to change.”

    Chael Sonnen
    MMA Fighter & ESPN Analyst

    “Compel is something totally different; Compel asks the bully ‘What is the matter with you…. why are you passing that bad energy onto someone else?  How can we intervene, how can we help you’  I am Chael Sonnen and I stand with Compel!”

    Larry “Thunderfoot” Cureton
    Kickboxing & UFC Legend

    “A real lion takes care of everybody in the pride.  A bully – you are by yourself! If you can’t handle something, who’s going to help you? If a bunch of people whom you’ve bullied get together, you will have a problem!”

    Chuck Wepner
    Boxer, The “Real Rocky”

    “Nobody really likes a bully… you won’t get any respect being a bully…. Bully got bullied himself and then carried it on.  Kids are growing up thinking “it’s cool” and typically kids copy that behavior from someone older…. I don’t believe the kids grow up “bad” from birth, they can always change.”

    Matt Brown
    UFC Fighter

    “We get humbled on a regular basis. There are very few people that have never lost, but in the gym, we are constantly going against the best guys every day. That’s something that it takes to be a fighter; you have to want to put yourself out there and test yourself constantly, you almost have to search for the guys that can’t beat you up.”

    Mental Health Resources

    Identifying Bullying

    Being the Bully

    Abusive Relationships

    Workplace Bullying

    Veterans in Crisis


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