The singer-songwriter earns golden buzzer from guest judge Brad Paisley after performing her poignant original song, “Misfits.”

(The Wrap July 17, 2019)
Singer-songwriter Sophie Pecora received that coveted golden buzzer from “America’s Got Talent” guest judge Brad Paisley during Tuesday’s show for her original song about bullying.

When the 15-year-old got up in front of Paisley, Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel and Julianne Hough for her return performance, she told them the track, titled “Misfits,” was “probably the most personal” out of all of her songs.

She wasn’t kidding, as the lyrics made a few of the judges get a bit misty-eyed over its message about bullying.

When she was done, Cowell told her that his only criticism was that he thinks the song should end in a brighter way.

“You’re so young and I think people will listen to you so cleverly,” Cowell said. “There has to be a more positive slant where we go forward from this point on. And I don’t want you talking about these people ever again ’cause they’re not worth talking about, but I love your voice.”

Before Paisley gave Sophie the golden buzzer, he asked her to repeat his favorite line of the song: “Misfits have some powers that are really pretty rad”

“I loved it,” he said. “And I think I’d know you from that one song. That’s incredible, to stand up there with just a guitar. That takes incredible cahoonas.”

Watch Sophie get the golden buzzer — and a hug — from Paisley in the clip above.